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Case Studies.

Book Launch

Personal Development


  • Bestseller

  • Increased Revenue

  • Increased Visibility

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Increased Client Retention

Background: Debbra had been working in the personal development space for decades. She was a coach, speaker, and mentor. She was inspired to write a book that was esoteric in nature and was told by her publisher that while she might do well in the spiritual space, her book couldn’t become a best-seller because it was too “niche”.


Now, this wouldn’t do for Debbra. It was very important to her that her message reach a mainstream audience because she knew her work would greatly serve normal, everyday people.


So, we got to work! We were just a few weeks out from her book’s launch so we were in a time crunch. 


I read Debbra's book to get a better feel of her teaching and message. I also stalked her social media pages, website, and other places she published and marketed her work.


I saw a big disconnect in the way Debbra was marketing her work and what it actually was. When I asked her about it, she said that she felt that she had to follow certain marketing “rules” in order to get people interested in her work.


But where’s the fun in that when you can just make your own rules?


Plus, while she was attracting interest and clients, it didn’t result in her meeting her maximum income potential. Because the people she was attracting were attracted to a message that didn’t necessarily align with what her work actually is.


It was also a much longer and difficult process to turn these curious people into clients and it was next to impossible to maintain a high client retention rate. 


Debbra and I hyper-focused on her messaging and communication strategies. She became known for what her work ACTUALLY is, not just what she was told would “sell” and she leveraged what we came up with to market the launch of her book.


Result: Within two weeks of launch, she made it to the Amazon Bestseller’s List. Her book got her leads who didn’t need to be convinced or pushed to buy. In fact, she was booked out for months in advance once her book launched.


This book launch also catalyzed her path to becoming well-known in the mainstream space. She was able to book gigs on podcasts, TV and radio show interviews, and is now working on launching her own show. 

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