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Background: Carina is an absolutely brilliant Brand Campaign Manager who had the experience and results to back up her desired goals. When we met, she was working 50+ hour weeks even with a staff and was barely reaching her income goals consistently. She worked so hard and was frustrated that she wasn’t fulfilling the potential growth she knew her business could access.


Result: By the time Carina and I finished working together, she was working 30-40 hour weeks with the potential to shorten that to 20 hour weeks within a few months. Both her monthly revenue and profits doubled within 8 weeks of us starting our work together. She also felt more valued by her clients and got to work on a project with Amazon and was paid double what she would’ve normally charged for said project.


So, how did we get here?


Carina is brilliant and she knew it but she was playing it very, very safe. On the outside looking in, no one would’ve guessed this and even Carina saw herself as a risk taker in multiple aspects. That’s the thing with High Performers. Our standards are so much higher than the average person so we always think we’re good because we’re performing at higher rates than the average person.


From the moment we met, I sensed that Carina was playing within her comfort zone - even though she, herself, is someone who’s always been committed to playing outside of it.


Sometimes we don’t see what we don’t see - hence, why I have a job ;)


During our time together, I nudged Carina outside her comfort zone and guided her through building a higher level of trust in herself. 


We started by getting clear on what she REALLY wanted. Sometimes, we’re not even willing to admit what we really want to ourselves because we’re afraid it’s impossible to achieve. For example, she didn’t believe that she could charge Multi-$5-Figure Fees and work with Industry Leaders while having a personal life.


We usually think we can have ASPECTS of what we want, but to have our cake and eat it too? Without sacrificing anything? Well, that’s just asking for too much.


I don’t believe that. So, when I work with my clients, I show them exactly how they can have it all. But first, they have to admit to themselves what they REALLY want.


Then, we set out to brainstorming and strategizing on which path would allow her to do this NOW.


She decided to triple her fees and command higher-paying clients who respected her work and her time (so she didn’t have to work as much). 


She also hired staff members who were more efficient and fired those who weren’t doing well or whose work wasn’t contributing to the growth of the company (this actually saved her even more time and brought in more profit). 


I’m really proud of her for what she’s created so far and I can’t wait to receive an e-mail from her soon about her landing her biggest dream client, Nordstrom. 

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