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Hello, Manifester...

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This you?

  • You love learning manifestation principles and fun ways to make your life easier

  • You're a personal development junkie and you love learning new ways to master your own growth

  • You love my content on TikTok and wish you could go even deeper down the rabbit hole

  • You want to feel more empowered, more free, and create a lifestyle that reflects that

Welcome to the PlaySchool Library, you little magical nerd. The Library is here to attempt to satisfy your unquenchable thirst for knowledge.


 Here, you'll find content that breaks down the principles that I teach my clients to help them accelerate their manifestation process, master their creative consciousness, and all around live better, happier lives.

You've got two options: you can pick and choose the individual pieces of content that apply to you and buy them a-la-carte, or you can purchase a library card that gives you access to all the content available the library, plus some fun bonuses listed below.

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