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Hey There

So you're here because you're ready to have the business and life of your dreams right now. You know that your work is special and you're no longer willing to wait to make the impact you know you can and experience the fruits of your highest potential. 


You're also a personal development junkie. You know that when you focus on your own growth - especially as a leader - everything you touch turns into gold. It's inevitable, really.

And yes, you want an abundance of success, money, love, accolades, etc. but none of it matters to you if you lose your sanity in the process. So the journey for you is just as important as the destination. You want what you want NOW, but you want to have fun, be stress-free, PLAY. All the way to the bank.

Welcome Home

I've been waiting for you. There comes a point in every incredible leader's journey where you want better for yourself, not because what you have and who you are right now aren't good enough but because you simply want the best.

  • The best clients/customers who highly value your work and can't stop praising what you do

  • The best employees who are highly invested in contributing their best to your business's growth

  • The best scaling strategies that allows for stress-free growth

  • The deepest impact that provides true meaning at every moment of your life. (You know that high you get where you think "Damn, I'm brilliant and this is exactly what I'm meant to be doing."? Yeah, imagine feeling that way in every interaction you have.)

  • The highest profit margin you can ethically have to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor

  • And most importantly, the most freedom in time and energy to live the life you've always desired and play at the level you were destined to.

You're home. And it's high time that you experience it all. After all, that's why you came to this planet, isn't it? So, why waste any time?

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I know what you're thinking...

Why The Powerhouse's Playground?

Well, I'm gonna share some examples of the results my special brand of personal development has created for people who wanted the same things you currently do.

But before I do, the only reason to work with me is simply because you want to.

Because it sounds like fun. You're curious and you want to play.

If you're not there, that's fine. You're not quite ready and you can simply come back when you are.

Alright! Here are just a few of the amazing results I've had the privilege of co-creating with some amazing leaders...

How is it possible that these leaders created such amazing results for themselves in such a short period of time?

Short answer: Play. As I say, your vision is inevitable, play is the accelerant.


But... How?? How does one leverage play to create fantastic results like scaling a multi-six-figure business to one million dollars in less than a year?

It's simple. We all came to this planet capable of doing amazing things like these. We weren't bound by the limits of time or money or anything. But then we were taught things like "good things take time" and "you can't have it all" and we eventually accepted it!

As we grew up and went through life, we settled into identities that others placed on us. Of course, when you became an adult, you started creating and choosing your own identity, which is great!

The thing is, human beings have a tendency to get overly attached to the identities they create for themselves, which limits how much they can play and therefore, their potential. It's not just you. Everyone does this.

And because everyone does this, we make it harder for ourselves to get what we want. We create unnecessary delays and even self-sabotage at times - ESPECIALLY when we think we're on the verge of having everything we want and it was much too easy.

In my work with my clients, I'm constantly analyzing how their several identities show up to create delays and sabotage the manifestation of their desires. Then, we create a plan to combat that.

Through the implementation of this plan, you won't only manifest what you want, you'll also create a deeper, more fulfilling, more integrated relationship with yourself. You'll trust yourself more, be more confident in your ability to create the results you want WHEN you want to, and more importantly, feel at peace with yourself no matter where you're at.

From that space, magic happens. Life gets to surprise you with all sorts of wonderful experiences you weren't even expecting! And you get to witness it all in complete flow.

Not only will you manifest the business of your dreams, you'll get to be in awe at the way it unfolds so perfectly as it manifests.

So... what's next?

Book a Deep-Dive Session with me

During this 90-minute session, I'll identify which identities are both hindering your path and  helping it.

I'll also give you some insight on what changes need to be made in order for you to reach your goal for the year in the next 3-6 months.

Then, we'll create an acceleration plan for you to implement to manifest what you desire in the next 6 months. You will also receive two weeks of Voxer coaching with me to further guide you and answer any questions that come up. 

People have booked these sessions and increased their income by 35% in just one month. I had someone 5x her revenue within 2 months after she implemented what I shared with her. And that's just for those who didn't keep working with me.

The intensive is is $1,200. It's a nominal fee compared to the value you'll get. If you decide to keep working together privately, $800 will apply to your upgraded offer. 

Ready to get started?

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