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Hello, Creator...

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This you?

  • You're a creative at heart (artist, musician, founder, other creative business owner)

  • You're either in a career that's killing your creativity right now and you want to move into doing something else, or...

  • You're already in the industry you love, but you need more spice. More fun, more opportunities, better relationships, more money, more magic.

  • You want to make money. Lots of it and live a lifestyle full of abundance, but you don't want to "hustle" your way into creating that

  • Your new-found motto is "More being, less doing." and you're excited to embody that.

Welcome to ICON. I'm sure you know exactly what's making the process for you manifesting a thriving creative career and abundant lifestyle a pain in the ass. But now you wanna know how to change that. I'll give you all the details below and then, we'll book a call for us to chat :)

Or if you've already looked over the details and already decided you want to do this, that cute little button below will take you straight to my calendar.

The 4-1-1.

So usually, the main things that create delays, obstacles and constipates your growth include self-doubt, feeling like your vision is too big, not having a clear idea of what to do next, fear, shame, the list goes on and on.

You have your own sets of unique obstacles and they're all stemming from your relationship with your Creative Consciousness. The state of your creative consciousness is what dictates how well you create and manifest both in terms of your art in in the real world. 

Your natural state is to create effortlessly but because life be lifein', ease has likely not been your forté lately. Which is where this process come in. I'll guide you through healing your relationship with all the aspects of your creative consciousness that are being difficult right now to create a clear road for your desires to flow in!

And in the process, we'll build the creative career of your dreams. Here's what the process looks like:

Phase One: Regulate Your Nervous System

Month 1 - 2

When we start, you'll likely be coming to me with some self-doubt, fear, and shame around what you're building. Depending on where you're at in your personal growth journey, this will manifest differently for each person.

This often happens because your relationship with your inner child and inner gremlin isn't where it needs to be for you to create at your fullest potential. This often manifests as burn-out, lack of inspiration, feeling like you have no clear direction, procrastinating on the things you know you need to do to grow, inconsistency in what you end up manifesting etc.

The root cause is always your relationship with these two aspects of your Creative Consciousness. They are in charge in making sure your nervous system is stable and when it isn't, even when you're working on manifesting, you end up shooting blanks or creating inconsistency. 

So, we'll go under the hood, figure out what's wrong, and start mending your relationship with these aspects of yourself.

By the end of this phase, you'll...

  • Start feeling WAY more confident. You'll wonder who the hell this person and where they've been this whole time

  • Have more energy, more inspiration, more passion, and more clarity than you've had in a while

  • Notice things starting to work out in your favor. People referring you, opportunities popping up, more money coming in than you used to make (usually 2-3x that depending on where you're starting at in your career).

  • Everything just feels so much EASIER. You'll realize you know yourself really well, decisions are easier to make, you trust yourself more, and those freak-outs don't happen as much.

  • You have more mastery over your feelings, can sort through them, FEEL them, and move forward without them affecting you for long periods of time.

Phase Two: Master Your Manifestation Process

Month 2 - 6

In order to manifest your manifestation process, we need to go much deeper and understand which identity you've adopted and how it's affecting your manifestation process. This is where the Creative Consciousness Archetypes come in. You created an identity that relates to everything in your world in a very specific way and you're so attached to it, you can't always see how this identity makes your life so much harder.

During Phase Two, we'll hunt for the parts of your identity that don't align with the career and life you're looking to build and we'll start making the internal and external changes necessary to re-align you with that. During this process, you inner gremlin (ego) will definitely be triggered and try to rebel, but we'll handle it with love and fierce compassion as we create this transformation.

By the end of this phase, you'll...

  • Your manifestations are going to start flooding in like crazy. You'll build a solid foundation in your career and all the opportunities that were once goals will start becoming your reality.

  • Things you used to find really hard to do (be organized, follow a schedule, negotiate, network, etc.) will be so easy and FUN! You'll actually look forward to doing them and even if you fall off the wagon, it'll be easy for you to get back on

  • You'll become magnetic. People will want to be near you, tell others about you. A lot of my clients have blown up/gone viral during this phase

  • If you haven't already reached your money goal yet, you'll be on your way and feel very confident in reaching it. You'll feel like it's just a matter of time and like there's nothing more you need to "do" to earn it.

  • You'll experience what all the manifestation gurus call flow. Even as obstacles and challenges arise, you'll move through them with so much more grace.

Phase Three: Integration, Grounding, & Expansion

Month 6 - 12

Now that you have such a solid foundation with your creativity and are bringing all of this to life, something fun often happens, your inner gremlin will start looking for ways to sabotage it. When life gets TOO good, too easy, too fun, your nervous system will start to look for new ways to sabotage it.

And it will use the new concepts you've learned along with your newfound identity to do just that. So, during this phase, we'll stay on the lookout and I'll teach you how to manage this upgraded version of your inner gremlin to ensure that you KEEP the magic you've already created and continue to build your momentum and surpass the goals that you've set.

By the end of this phase, you'll...

  • Feel like this new life you've created is permanent and be excited for what's to come!

  • Have reached most, if not all your goals. Most clients end up making $100,000 - $250,000 by the end of this program if they already started on their career. If they hadn't started yet, they make $75,000+ with the potential for much more the following year.

  • Be unrecognizable! You'll be glowing, magnetic, and fully trust your ability to create anything you desire because you'll know exactly how to replicate this process for yourself.

I just got my first big contract for my ABA business!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 2nd was our first contract, Jan 20th our second, and now a month later our 3rd and biggest one yet. Thank you thank you thank you so much, I cannot stop smiling from ear to ear and I KNOW this and so many other great things that have been happening is all because of my new self and I LOVE HER.


The amount of trust I have now that things are going to work out and I am going to get what I want in the best way possible beyond my imagination – It makes me do things and take steps I never would have before. I can’t even explain the feeling, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about haha its the magic!

Div, who quit her job, started her business, and 4 months later is making way more than she was making at her last job.

What's Included.

6-month commitment.

$18,000. Payment Plans Available. 

*Financing available for payments as low as $800/mo. 


Monthly Sessions

  • One 90-minute deep-dive session at the beginning

  • Five 60-minute sessions

  • After month 6, sessions on an as-needed basis


A coach who actually gives a damn

This is my life's work. I do this to make a living, and I pour my soul into it. It's important to me that you get the transformation that you signed up for and benefit from the results of that transformation. That means, I do everything in my power to facilitate that and always go above and beyond for my clients.

Teaching you isn't just an "easy way to make money" for me. It's what I was born to do.


A proven process

A proven process that has facilitated a thriving creative career on THEIR terms for creatives and a life full of joy, play, and abundance


Unlimited Voice Coaching

Unlimited access to private voice coaching. You'll be able to ask any questions that come to mind, share your experiences, and receive guidance from me in between sessions


Library Access

(Coming Soon) Access to content you can watch/read to help you along your growth. I will also use this to create your plan for the year and assign you content that is specific to you.


Real results

This program is a results-oriented manifestation program. You will learn grounded-reality based concepts that I will teach you to apply to your specific circumstances so that you can create the life and career you want.

Most clients go on to manifest a $150k - $300k annual salary after just 6 months in this program. Along with a complete transformation in how they experience life.

I'm so ready to chat!
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