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Welcome to

The PlayHouse

Your favorite community for high level acceleration

The Playhouse is a membership group community where you'll learn to accelerate bringing your vision(s) to life.


You will heal, grow, laugh, cry, collaborate, and most importantly PLAY. This community will change your life.


Leave the rules, burdens, shame, fears, and doubts at the door (and if you can’t, we’ll help you ;))


If you know you’re here to squeeze every last drop of pleasure life has to offer, you’ve found the best community to help you do exactly that.


I’ll be guiding you with monthly classes, live Q&A Sessions, mastermind live chats, challenges, and whatever fun things I can dream up.

Gold members will get laser-focused coaching from me to help you accelerate your manifestations. 

If you love my content, wait until you experience what's behind these doors. Join us!

What's included...

  • Group Coaching Calls twice a month for up to 90 minutes

  • Discord Group Chat with a max of 4 people at a time where you can share what’s going on with you between calls, ask for feedback from me and other members, and even collaborate with other members to fulfill your vision

  • Monthly classes where I share some deep insights on accelerating your manifestations and making the process easier. Especially if you’re neurodivergent/ a former gifted kid/ simply want to upgrade your manifestation practices

  • Access to fun challenges, occasional discounts on courses, workshops, and other products + first dibs on available sessions and anything else I launch.

  • Monthly PlayChats - a mastermind where we meet on Zoom and you share what’s going on with you. I’ll ask guided questions, give you coaching, and provide you with clear action steps so you can keep moving forward. 

  • Limit of 4 to  ensure you get high quality support