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Now that you've booked...

I'm so excited to meet with you! If you haven't already, I strongly suggest that you look over the information on this page so you have a clear idea of what to expect during this process and so you can prepare any questions you may have.

I'll see you soon!

Accelerate your growth.

Your vision for yourself is inevitable. My job is to help you achieve it more quickly, with less headaches.


You're obviously here because you want to build a thriving creative career on your terms. I've guided hundreds of people over the last five years through accelerating their creative development which has expedited their creative careers in a timeframe that can only be described as magical.

I'll warn you now... This journey will challenge you to face all the parts of yourself you've been avoiding which is not easy. But we'll make it fun, the benefits far outweigh the challenges, and it sure as hell beats going around in circles living an unaligned life.

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So, who am I?

Why The Powerhouse's Playground?

My name is Samoa Blanchet. I'm an Acceleration Specialist.

My work centers around guiding creative icons (and icons-in-the-making) through achieving their highest potential, which naturally involves manifesting their dream careers and lives.

I do this by using my unique coaching style and methodology that centers entirely on the creative mind and identity to help transform my you into the most impactful, abundant, and magnetic version of yourself.

As you embody this, you'll watch yourself, your thought patterns, habits, how you make decisions and your life completely transform. 

The best part of this process is that your transformation is sustainable. It happens much more quickly and easily than it would've happened had you done it on your own AND it sticks because when your identity changes, there is no going back to who you once were which also means, you will no longer experience the issues you are now. 

Life is structured in a way to foster growth. My work is structured to accelerate that natural process.

What does this process look like?

My process is simple and yet, extremely effective. It's based on the premise that every desire that's on your heart is achievable and you're already well on your way to manifesting it into your life. And because you're human, things like your identity, your fears, your shame, and your self-doubt create blind spots that make it harder for you to overcome obstacles and challenges, which then slows you down on your path (and creates lots of frustration).

It centers around addressing the aspects of yourself that are slowing you down, coming up with solutions for them, and strengthening your relationship to your own creativity so that you experience more ease and flow as you build this thriving life and creative career on your own terms.

I'll be using my unique methodology and the Creative Consciousness Archetype Map throughout this entire process to speed things along. I've also broken this process down in phases because transformation is not linear and a lot more fluid and we'll revisit each phase multiple times throughout this entire process.

Here's the general step-by-step:

Phase One: Take Inventory

This phase starts when we meet for our consultation and is constantly happening while we're working together. During this phase, we'll take inventory on the identities, self-perceptions, and beliefs that are slowing down your growth as a creative. We'll also look at your relationship with your inner child as that is the center of your creativity and manifestation process and see where we can strengthen it in order to ease the internal battles happening within yourself. 

Taking inventory will allow us to create a game plan to start transforming you into the version of yourself that has everything you want. At the end of this phase, you will feel more empowered than ever before in your ability to create the reality you desire in a much shorter time frame.

Phase Two: Date your Creative Subconscious

Your relationship to your creativity is the foundation to building a life that is completely aligned with who you really are. Phase one will help me understand what your relationship with your creativity looks like and what steps we need to take to strengthen that relationship. This looks like changing the way you relate to self-doubt, fear, shame, and other self-sabotaging tendencies. 

It also looks like increasing your level of self-trust and confidence in the creative process. The specifics of what we'll address in this phase looks different for each person.

By the end of this phase, you'll start having more energy, inspiration, clarity, and confidence. Some of your self-sabotaging tendencies and bad habits will start being easier to overcome and will soon be a distant memory.


Your relationship with yourself and your creative consciousness will be stronger and you'll start experiencing more ease and flow in your creative and manifestation process. Clients also normally start seeing results like being treated differently by those around them, they start having more experiences of magnetizing people, opportunities, and money to them. 

Phase Three: Integration, Grounding, & Expansion

Now that you have such a solid foundation with your creativity and have overcome your hardest internal obstacles, we'll shift our focus externally and integrate everything you've learned and apply it to your career.

This can look like changing your fees if you're an artist/business owner, negotiating a higher salary, changing how much/how little you work, what kind of work you do, who you work with, how you set boundaries and new standards in relationships... I could go on.

This definitely depends on your unique circumstances. You will be a new person and we'll be integrating everything you've become into your career and your life so it can reflect this person you've become.

At the end of this phase, you'll have a continuous sense of creative fulfillment. You'll have achieved most, if not all of your initial career goals and will be preparing for the next phase of your career and life. 

This process normally takes about 6 months to complete a full transformation

By the end of these six months, clients usually achieve the main goals they set out to achieve and they always have nice little surprises they manifest that they would've never anticipated experiencing.

Here are just a few of the amazing results I've had the privilege of co-creating with some amazing humans...

How to work with me.

So by now, you've looked over everything and I'm sure you're excited! There is nothing like this out there for creatives - especially not something that is so holistic and fluid that is also grounded and practical with a proven process that predictably guides you through creating phenomenal results for yourself.

And you're wondering what it looks like to go through this process together.

That is entirely up to you and how you grow best. Here are the options to work with me:


Magnetic is for the Creative who craves MORE. You're ready to have a thriving career that is fulfilling and 100% on your terms. Whether you're currently in a creative career that fulfills you but you're just not thriving yet, or you're not in a fulfilling creative career at all, this program will get you right.

During this program, we will dive deep into your relationship with your creative consciousness. You will learn to get comfortable embracing your big-picture visions and making them a reality, taking creative risks, and manifesting your most aligned, most exciting career.

Our goal is to have you in a thriving, sustainable, fulfilling creative career within six months. 


There are two options for this program: a fully private version and an intimate mastermind.


In the mastermind, you will be going through this journey with up to 3 other creatives on the same path as you are. You will learn from them during the calls and will also get private one-on-one time with me for us to go deeper.

Mastermind Deliverables:

  • We will meet as a group nine times over the course of the six months.

  • You and I also have two 90-minute private sessions. The first one when we start and the second one whenever you feel you need it.

  • You will also have unlimited access to me in between sessions to ask questions, share feedback, and receive group coaching via a free voice app called Voxer (this is were the deepest transformation happens.


Mastermind Investment:

The investment for this container is $1,500/month for six to twelve months (depending on your goals and where you're starting)

*** Financing options available with payments as low as $250/month. Click here to learn more.




Private Coaching Deliverables:

  • You and I will have a 90-minute Deep-Dive session the first time

  • Then we'll meet each month for 60 minutes of private coaching.

  • You will also have unlimited access to me in between sessions to ask questions, share feedback, and receive private coaching via a free voice app called Voxer (this is where the deepest transformation happens.)


Private Coaching Investment:

The investment for this container is $2,250/month for six to twelve months (depending on your goals and where you're starting).


*** Financing options available with payments as low as $250/month. Click here to learn more.

Ready to chat?

During the intro call, we'll get to know each other better to assess if we're a good fit to work together. I will also do a consultation to get a good sense of your goals, dream career, and dream life to understand what we'll need to focus on over the next 6-12 months to accomplish them. From there, we'll create a game plan for us to get started on when we start working together.

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