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Crackin' Money Codes: Guide out of scarcity

This class is for you if you feel like money is something that’s elusive to you. You don’t fully understand how it works, never seem to have enough of it, or it flows in inconsistently.

Whether you’re a student, own a business, have a job, etc. the perspectives I’m about to teach you will alter the way you see money and if you implement the practices I share, you will start seeing an almost immediate shift in how you relate to money.

I’ve worked with countless clients who feel exactly the same way and we’ve created amazing results for them to change their experience with money.

>>>> insert 1-3 client experiences

  • Marina - felt like money was elusive. She would make other people a lot of money but couldn’t figure out how to do it for herself. Highest month in business was $4,500. 6 weeks later that record was broken and it became $25,000. Even better, she continued to make $10k/month consistently

Whether you’re a student, own a business, have a job, etc. the perspectives I’m about to teach you will alter the way you see money and if you implement the practices I share, you will start seeing an almost immediate shift in how you relate to money.

This is NOT a money mindset class. What you will learn here will show you how to start transforming your identity when it comes to money, which will allow you to experience dramatic changes more quickly.

If you’re part of The PlayHouse membership, please ask questions and share your insights and journey! I’m here to guide you so take full advantage of that.

I suggest you take this video in chunks, take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. You do not need to implement EVERYTHING I teach you all at once. Whichever perspective resonates with you the most is what I’d start with unraveling. Then, move on to the next once you’ve mastered that.

Also, things will not change without action and consistent practice ;) Remember, this isn’t just a mindset class, it’s a guide to transformation.

Alright, let’s dive in!

Let’s start with asking… What is money? I want you to actually answer this. Write down what your answer is. What does money mean… to you? That’ll bring you so much insight already. We’ll come back to this.

It used to be paper. Now we’re transitioning it into being numbers on a screen.

Money is a tool we use to exchange value and trust. Nothing more, nothing less. We may as well have decided to use rocks to do the same thing.

And I say rocks because money is as abundant as air. The scarcity you feel around money was fabricated by those who have more of it so that you’d be (and stay) a slave to this capitalistic system.

It’s not ACTUALLY scarce. This pandemic is a wonderful example. How many decades have people been asking the government for money for social change and it’s always “we don’t have the money”? But they suddenly found the money to stimulate the economy with stimulus checks, PPP loans, etc…

Why do they do this?

Because money isn’t valuable without scarcity. But when there’s too much scarcity, money also loses its value. So, the powers that be have to maintain a balanced level of scarcity in order to keep the system going.

Money as a system doesn’t work without everyone’s buy-in. If we all decided that money wasn’t scarce or valuable all at once, the economy would collapse and a new system would have to be created.

Why am I sharing this perspective? To show you that the reason money is such a big deal to you is because you were taught and agreed that it is scarce. And then if you had little access to it, your experiences further ingrained that perspective into you. And the lack of money meant you couldn’t have whatever it is that money means to you (freedom, security, success, etc.)

It is human nature to attach our well-being to our material world and whoever created the system capitalized on that.

When you understand this, you can empower yourself while operating in the system. Money isn’t freedom, security, success, etc. It’s a tool to create even MORE of that. It’s an amplifier.

So, the program of scarcity is the main problem, right? But HOW do you actually get out of it?

Lesson #1: YOU are whatever it is that money means to you.

This practice is going to take a leap of faith. But if you take it, it will completely change your life. So, if you find yourself resisting, just remember, you have nothing to lose. What you’ve been doing so far hasn’t worked, right? Might as well try something unconventional ;)

Okay, so remember when I told you to write down what money means to you? Whatever that is, the first shift is realizing that that thing is YOU, and money simply amplifies it. So, for me money equaled freedom, choice.

But NOW, money is a way to AMPLIFY freedom. So if *I* am freedom, more and more money will naturally flow to me, right? Because that’s what money is to me.

This works well because we’re actually leveraging a belief you ALREADY have to create the reality you want. We’re simply putting a spin on it!

You already believe that money = whatever. The simple shift: money is an amplifier of (insert meaning here).

What this does to your logical mind is that it starts asking a powerful question: “If money is an AMPLIFIER of this, how much of this this experience do I already have in my life and how can I create more of is so that I can magnetize money to me?”

See, our minds are brilliant and our most powerful manifestation tool. We simply must ask it the right questions and it’ll get started on working on the answers.

So let’s use simple math. Let’s say money = freedom, right?

And I’m experiencing freedom in my life at a 0. And money amplifies everything by 10. How much freedom am I experiencing? 0, right?

And if I’m at a 10? I’ll magnetize enough money to create a hundred times the freedom I’m currently experiencing.

Alright, so how does one implement this concept?

  1. Take inventory.

Whatever money means to you, how much of that are you currently experiencing? Other than lack of money, why aren’t you experiencing it? How can you start experiencing it now?

Your brain will keep telling you if you had more money, you could easily have this. And that’s true. But you don’t. Your brain is using money as the easy way out. But you don’t have it right now. That’s the reality, right?

So how can you get creative to experience more stability, security, freedom, etc.?

Because here’s the truth: no matter how much money you have, you will not fully experience that thing you want if it’s not ingrained in you.

The reason it’s been so hard is because you’ve been doing things backwards.

>>>>>> Share an example of how redecorating my room helped you make 4Gs in a month and then 10Gs the following month. (Everything little thing you do builds up on itself to create lasting transformation)

  1. Make a plan

You’re going to find ways you’re not experiencing that thing. Some of them will actually take more money to create. Put those experiences aside. You can do two things here:

You can tackle the biggest experience on your list and try to solve that problem. If you’ve got balls, are a risk-taker, and are confident in your creative problem-solving skills, go for it!

But if you’re not, start with something small. How are you restricting stability, security, freedom, etc. How can you allow more of that to flow?

Maybe it’s creating a routine that actually works for you for more stability. Maybe it’s releasing judgemens about your decisions and taking more risks if you want more freedom and choice.

Brainstorm and decide which experience you’re going to tackle. Stick to it, and master it.

  1. Practice, practice, practice.

Your mind is going to keep going back and telling you that you just need more money. And each time, you can remind it that you’re doing this to bring in more money.

Have patience with yourself. You’ve been running the same program when it comes to money for decades so you won’t get this perfect the first try. When you notice you’re acting from that space of scarcity, simply shift back into this identity until it sticks!

Having a solid plan will make this easier. Once you’ve made the changes for one experience, move onto the next one until this is literally who you’ve become. Manifestation doesn’t work without clear actions that transform you back into the empowered, abundant being you are.

But don’t you need an actual plan to bring money in? Like a business or job or something?

If you already have a method of bringing money in, you’ll start seeing changes more quickly.

Like you’ll get more sales, or a bonus, or a better job opportunity. Or you’ll someone will pay you twice what you’re asking for a piece of furniture you decide to sell.

But more money will also flow in unconventional ways.

I get twice as much shrimp than what I ask for at Publix all the time. I once went to a restaurant and the owner decided to pay my $80 tab because she loved that I took myself out on a self-date. I’ve had things paid for me multiple times (which means more money for me) ;)

Change the way you work the system and the system will work for you. Commit to this practice for at least the next month and you will start seeing changes. I’ve had people see changes within hours and most see changes within 2 weeks!

And if you’re not seeing any changes (even small ones), let me know in the PlayHouse FB Group.

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