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Success Stories:
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, Real Results.

From Corporate to Trailblazer: Div's Empowering Leadership Transformation

Meet Divneet, a trailblazer who transformed her journey from dancer to entrepreneur, reshaping the staffing industry in Canada through her innovative ABA staffing company. Her fresh approach brought on-site training to the forefront, changing how staff members are hired and trained, and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

But Divneet's story goes beyond change – it's about understanding power and tapping into personal, creative, and social power to create a wave of success.

In just three months, Divneet accomplished what seemed impossible. The first contract appeared out of nowhere, setting off a series of impressive wins. Two more contracts followed in the next two months. And then came the game-changer – a third contract that not only beat her year's 9-5 income but reshaped her view of abundance.

Div had a strong strategic side in her corporate career. Success came from logical decisions and careful planning. Yet, beneath the achievements, she yearned for something more – a life where success flowed smoothly, and joy accompanied every step.

Div's transformation began with my TikTok content. My practical insights connected with her strategic mind, sparking a desire for change. It wasn't about quick fixes; it was about a deep shift.

Joining The Playschool Library marked a turning point for Div. Diving into the content, she reconnected with herself and built unwavering trust. Strengthened by newfound confidence, she took a bold step – leaving her corporate job and launching her ABA business.

But challenges persisted, hindering her desired ease and abundance. Realizing the importance of mastering her power, Div sought my guidance for the path ahead.

"I love how much attention to detail you have. You remember things that I told you months ago and apply them to how I'm growing and it makes me feel like you really care about me and my growth" - Div

Challenging Deep-Seated Beliefs: Div's Journey

Div held onto the idea that success only comes from endless effort – a belief rooted in being a second-generation immigrant striving to prove herself in a world influenced by capitalism and colonialism. Together, we broke these notions, showing that success isn't tied to constant hustle.

Our strategy was simple yet transformative. Creating a plan that embraced simplicity, Div found herself with more time and space. Though it felt strange at first, this change allowed her to confront guilt and unproductivity. With our teamwork and her commitment, Div embraced the idea of freedom, letting her desires unfold naturally.

Freed from constant hustle, Div started creating with purpose. She discovered that success isn't just about hard work but about aligning with what you truly desire.

Redefining Time: Embracing Infinite Possibilities

Div's view of time posed another challenge. Seeing time as a linear path, she made elaborate plans that dragged out success. The belief that important things take time led to unnecessary waiting – a perspective influenced by colonial and capitalistic ideas. It was time for a shift.

I guided Div to see time as full of possibilities. We tapped into the idea that a version of herself living her dream life already exists. Merging timelines, we crafted a plan to make magic happen – both within herself and in her outer world.

Unleashing Her Inner Child: A Source of Strength

Div understood the importance of her inner child, though she sometimes saw it as a bother. She suppressed strong emotions and put her desires on hold for practicality. Our work aimed to nurture her inner child, unleashing its potential.

With tools to handle intense emotions, Div felt empowered. Her intuitive desires became her guide, leading her journey and bringing joy to her days. With her inner child as a partner, Div unlocked intuitive strategies, propelling her forward.

Creating a Ripple Effect of Empowerment

As Div embraced her personal power, she grew more connected to herself, gaining confidence and a magnetic presence. This transformation wasn't just personal.

Div let go of people-pleasing, refined decision-making, and embraced self-trust. This balance led to taking calculated risks, driving her to incredible achievements.

In a surprising turn, Div secured contracts with a major industry player that had once turned her away. This time, they welcomed her with open arms, a testament to her confidence. Within months, Div sealed deals with two more companies, culminating in her most significant win yet – more financial success with less work.

“ I have an update 😊 I just got my first big contract for my ABA business!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 2nd was our first contract, Jan 20th our second, and now a month later our 3rd and biggest one yet. Thank you thank you thank you so much, I cannot stop smiling from ear to ear and I KNOW this and so many other great things that have been happening is all because of my new self and I LOVE HER. The amount of trust I have now that things are going to work out and I am going to get what I want in the best way possible beyond my imagination – It makes me do things and take steps I never would have before. I can’t even explain the feeling, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about haha it's the magic!”

Ready to master your personal and creative power like Divneet? Unleash your potential and start transforming your leadership journey. Book a consultation with me today to explore how these dimensions can empower you to make a lasting impact.

Embrace empowered leadership and step into a world of possibilities. Your journey begins now.

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