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From Frustration to Frame-worthy: Shanna's Path to a Thriving Photography Business

Meet Shanna, a passionate photographer who once loved her craft but found herself trapped in a cycle of burnout. Frustrated and exhausted, Shanna stumbled upon my work and recognized it as her lifeline to change. Eager for transformation, she wasted no time and booked a paid session with me, sensing that I held the keys to her revival.

Our initial call unveiled Shanna's story – a desire for a thriving photography career brimming with joy, inspiring clients, and financial abundance. Above all, she longed to reclaim her time and reconnect with her loved ones, a precious aspect of life she had inadvertently neglected.

As our conversation deepened, it became evident that Shanna's self-worth and boundaries were in dire need of restoration. Lost amidst the chaos of her business and the demands of challenging clients, she had forgotten the essence of why she embarked on this journey.

Together, we embarked on a mission to rekindle Shanna's personal power, nurturing the ability to seize control, erect boundaries, and embrace her innate authority. With each step, Shanna delved deeper into her true self, standing tall in her expertise and courageously defining her limits.

Gone were the days of self-doubt and compromise. Shanna emerged as a formidable presence, radiating confidence and commanding the respect she rightfully deserved. The realization of her power became a driving force propelling her work to unprecedented heights.

But our journey didn't stop at personal power. We also reignited Shanna's creative flame, reminding her that she was more than just a photographer – she was a storyteller, a weaver of memories, and a force of nature.

Shanna embarked on a mission to infuse her unique gifts into every facet of her work, from capturing fleeting moments to narrating profound stories. With rediscovered purpose, she began to believe in herself like never before, recognizing her true value.

This newfound self-belief prompted Shanna to make bold moves. She elevated her prices and established unwavering boundaries to safeguard her time and energy. As a result, she attracted clients who not only valued her work but held her in even higher esteem.

In a matter of months, Shanna's income skyrocketed, and she felt a sense of alignment with herself that she thought was lost forever. The journey of reconnecting with her vision and worth had reinvigorated her spirit, proving that transformative change can be ignited no matter the size of one's aspirations.

As our epic journey reached its pinnacle, Shanna stood atop the world. Transformed into a fearless leader, she was poised to conquer the photography scene with unparalleled zeal. Her unwavering commitment to personal and relational power had not only reignited her creative spark but had also positioned her as a shining example of empowerment and growth.

"Samoa empowered me to be a leader in my industry and inspired me to conquer new territories. I felt confident and ready to take on any challenge that came my way.
If you're feeling stuck, disconnected, or undervalued in your journey, I can't recommend her enough. Her guidance and expertise are a total game-changer. Trust me, she'll help you rediscover your passion, reclaim your worth, and transform your business into something truly extraordinary." - Stephanie

Let's have a chat and unlock the power of your authority archetype. You've got what it takes to own your truth and create a life and work that aligns with your deepest desires. It's time to connect to your own power and show the world what you're made of!

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It's time to stop allowing self-doubt and uncertainty to slow you down.


When you work with me, you'll wake up every morning with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. Your goals, once distant, will be well within your reach. You'll have banished self-sabotage and procrastination and replaced them with a relentless drive toward success.


Your journey will be filled with purpose, and every step you take will propel you closer to your dreams.


The transformation is real, and it starts when you decide to book that call! Don't miss out on the life-changing journey that awaits you. Book a consultation today and take that first empowering step toward a future of achievement and fulfillment.

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