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From Niche to Nationwide: Debbra's Journey to Becoming an International Best-Selling Author

Client: Debbra

Industry: Spiritual

Challenges: Self-Doubt, Risk Aversion, Lack of Clarity

Transformation: Clarity, Magnetism, Impactful Expression, Embracing her vision

Debbra is a psychic and intuitive with a mission to awaken souls to live a more conscious and empowered life.

She reached out to me to help her do just that right before her book launched because she wanted to ensure that it reached as many people as possible.

Debbra ended up becoming a bestselling author, was offered TV deals, and considerably increased her revenue after our work together.

Debbra's Story

Debbra had been working in the personal development space for decades. She was a coach, speaker, and mentor who was inspired to write a book that was esoteric in nature but was told by her publisher that while she might do well in the spiritual space, her book couldn’t become a best-seller because it was too “niche”.

Now, this wouldn’t do for Debbra. It was very important to her that her message reach a mainstream audience because she knew her work would greatly serve normal, everyday people.

So we got to work!

There were a few challenges Debbra was facing in making her book a bestseller.

While Debbra understood her mission and her vision for the world intimately, she hadn’t fully claimed it publicly. She wasn’t sure people would really understand it or support it so she resorted to traditional marketing tactics based on what others had told her would “sell”.

She also wasn’t sure how to communicate her mission in a way that would magnetize the people she wanted to because she felt like there were so many layers to her work that couldn’t be explained succinctly.

Debbra decided to work with me both because it was an intuitive decision and because she could tell that I already had a deep understanding of her vision. I was able to clearly see her potential, believed in it, and had an intuitive understanding of how it could be clearly communicated.

During our deep-dive, I asked very specific questions to take Debbra deeper into her understanding of her work and to help her more fully embrace the magnitude of her purpose and potential.

This allowed Debbra to realize that the book was just the beginning and that she could apply what we were doing to every expression of her work.

I also read the draft of her book and compared it to what I learned about what she wanted to express. It was clear to me that there was a disconnect in how she was marketing herself and her book to her audience.

I empowered Debbra to ditch the marketing rules she had learned and to make her own - ones that worked for her.

While she was attracting interest and clients, it didn’t result in her meeting her maximum income potential because the people she was attracting were attracted to a message that didn’t necessarily align with what her work actually is. Therefore, they weren’t fully aligned with her. This means that it took more time and more effort to convert her audience into clients and she was experiencing high client turnover.

The guidance Debbra received allowed her to fully embrace the truth of the vision her inner child had, therefore allowing her to communicate it clearly and effectively.

This resulted in her becoming a bestseller within two weeks of launching her book, which then got her leads who were eager to work with her. In fact, she was booked out for months in advance once her book launched.

Our work together also catalyzed her path to becoming well-known in the mainstream space. She was able to book TV, radio, and podcast interviews, and even got offered a TV show deal, which she turned down because it wasn’t aligned with the way she wanted to serve and make an impact. This is a testament to what an intimate relationship with your inner child gets you because it even empowers you to reject opportunities that you know don’t align with you, no matter how shiny they may seem.

"You truly have a gift, Samoa. No one else could've understood how to help me express this in the way you have" - Debbra

Is it your turn? Click here to learn more about working with me.

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