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Success Stories:
Real Transformations
, Real Results.

Debbra's Journey to Becoming an International Best-Selling Author

Type of Power: Creative Power

Creative power is the innate ability within each of us to imagine, innovate, and manifest our ideas into reality.

It encompasses our capacity to think outside the box, problem-solve creatively, and express ourselves authentically through various mediums such as art, writing, music, and design.

Creative power fuels innovation, drives progress, and fosters personal growth, allowing you to tap into your unique talent and unleash your full potential. It is the force that empowers us to transform our visions into tangible creations, leaving a lasting impact on the world around us.

In Debbra's case, we leveraged her creative power to magnetize her soulmate audience to her in just two weeks by amplifying her ability to connect with them deeply and authentically.

Tangible results:

  • Her book became a bestseller within two weeks of launching it

  • She had leads flowing in and booking out her calendar within 1 month of launching

  • She had the confidence to 3x her fees

  • She kept getting invited to important radio and podcast interviews and even got offered a TV Deal!

Debbra, a visionary author, found herself at a crossroads with the launch of her book, "Akasha Unleashed." Despite her profound insights and spiritual guidance, she faced the daunting challenge of breaking through in a crowded market.

With a niche and complex topic, she aimed to increase bookings and turn her dream of becoming a best-selling author into reality. However, her publisher's skepticism added another layer of uncertainty to her journey, casting doubt on the feasibility of her goal.

In our initial conversations, it was clear that Debbra had a hard time effectively communicating the transformative power of her work to her audience. While she deeply understood the life-changing impact of her message, translating it into compelling marketing strategies proved to be a formidable task.

Together, we went on a journey of self-discovery and marketing mastery, uncovering the core values and unique insights that would resonate deeply with her readership.

Through a blend of introspection and practical guidance, Debbra gained clarity and confidence in her ability to inspire and engage her audience. By aligning her creative process with her readers' needs and reframing her approach to marketing, she began to see her work in a new light.

With renewed purpose and direction, she embraced the challenge of redefining her marketing strategy, leveraging her authentic voice and vision to captivate her audience.

As our coaching continued, Debbra's mindset underwent a profound transformation. She transitioned from viewing marketing tasks as burdensome to embracing them as opportunities for connection and expression.

With each step forward, she gained momentum and conviction, recognizing the inherent value and impact of her work.

The tangible results of Debbra's journey were nothing short of extraordinary. Within a mere two weeks of launching "Akasha Unleashed", the book soared to bestseller status, captivating readers worldwide with its profound insights and transformative wisdom.

Buoyed by her success, Debbra experienced a surge in bookings and tripled her prices, cementing her reputation as a sought-after author and spiritual guide.

Beyond her professional achievements, Debbra's newfound confidence and clarity permeated every aspect of her life. With four best-selling books under her belt and a thriving career as an international thought leader, she now exudes a sense of purpose and fulfillment that radiates from within.

Debbra's journey serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery, strategic guidance, and unwavering determination in achieving one's dreams. As she continues to inspire others with her transformative message, her impact knows no bounds, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter her work.

"You truly have a gift, Samoa. No one else could've understood how to help me express this in the way you have. That book was just the beginning. I presently have four published books with two more in progress. Great foundations pave the way for ongoing success. 😊" - Debbra

Is it your turn? Find out how we can work together to build you a thriving, fulfilling creative business.


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It's time to stop allowing self-doubt and uncertainty to slow you down.


When you work with me, you'll wake up every morning with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. Your goals, once distant, will be well within your reach. You'll have banished self-sabotage and procrastination and replaced them with a relentless drive toward success.


Your journey will be filled with purpose, and every step you take will propel you closer to your dreams.


The transformation is real, and it starts when you decide to book that call! Don't miss out on the life-changing journey that awaits you. Book a consultation today and take that first empowering step toward a future of achievement and fulfillment.

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