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Success Stories:
Real Transformations
, Real Results.

How Lana Turned Her Passion for Toy-Making into a Lucrative Business

Type of Power we addressed: Creative Power

Creative power is the innate ability within each of us to imagine, innovate, and manifest our ideas into reality. It encompasses our capacity to think outside the box, problem-solve creatively, and express ourselves authentically through various mediums such as art, writing, music, and design.

Creative power fuels innovation, drives progress, and fosters personal growth, allowing you to tap into your unique talent and unleash your full potential. It is the force that empowers us to transform our visions into tangible creations, leaving a lasting impact on the world around us.

In Lana's case, she needed to learn to value her creativity at a whole new level in order to create the business of her dreams.

Tangible Results we created:

  • A $35,000 contract with the largest subscription box in her industry in just 3 weeks

  • Other five-figure contracts with smaller subscription boxes and partners

  • Set up a team to help with the high-volume of leads coming her way

  • Thousands of new people finding out about her products and subscribing to her list (no advertising/organic marketing required)

  • Pursued her other dream of becoming a children’s author

The Story:

Let me introduce you to Lana, who found herself at a crossroads in her creative journey. Despite running a stable web design business, her heart yearned for something more—a passion project that went beyond paying the bills.

Lana's true love lay in crafting toys for children, a hobby that brought her joy but hadn't yet translated into financial success.

Feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward, Lana sought guidance from me. Together, we started a journey of self-discovery, exploring Lana's talents, passions, and deepest desires. Through reflection and guidance, Lana began to see her toy-making skills in a new light, realizing their true value and potential.

With newfound clarity and confidence, Lana set her sights on a bold new goal: to turn her toy-making hobby into a thriving business. Armed with courage and determination, Lana reached out to industry leaders, pitching her designs with unwavering belief in their worth.

To her amazement, Lana's efforts paid off. Within weeks, she secured a game-changing $35,000 contract with the largest subscription box company in her industry. It was a pivotal moment—a testament to Lana's resilience, vision, and unwavering belief in herself.

As Lana's business flourished, so too did her confidence and sense of purpose. With each new milestone, Lana's dreams grew bigger, her ambitions bolder. What had once seemed like an impossible dream was now her reality—a thriving, successful business born from passion, determination, and unwavering belief.

Looking back on her journey, Lana couldn't help but feel grateful—for my guidance, her decision to bet on herself, and the opportunity to pursue her dreams. Her story stood as a testament to the power of perseverance, belief, and the courage to chase one's dreams.

And so, Lana's journey continued—a beacon of inspiration for creatives everywhere, reminding them that with passion, perseverance, and a little bit of belief, anything is possible.

"You helped me break free from the doubts and reservations that were holding me back and I can't even begin to express my gratitude! This deal has not only skyrocketed my business but I'm also just so proud of myself. You've ignited a spark within me that has forever changed my life, Samoa. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Lana

Is it your turn? Find out how we can work together to build you a thriving, fulfilling creative business.


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It's time to stop allowing self-doubt and uncertainty to slow you down.


When you work with me, you'll wake up every morning with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. Your goals, once distant, will be well within your reach. You'll have banished self-sabotage and procrastination and replaced them with a relentless drive toward success.


Your journey will be filled with purpose, and every step you take will propel you closer to your dreams.


The transformation is real, and it starts when you decide to book that call! Don't miss out on the life-changing journey that awaits you. Book a consultation today and take that first empowering step toward a future of achievement and fulfillment.

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