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Growth is inevitable

So, recently, I thought my orchid, Alfred was dying. I posted it on my story asking what I did wrong because I did everything I was supposed to do! All the plant parents reassured me that he was fine; the flowers were just falling off and that he would bloom again in about a year.

It got me thinking... A lot of times we feel frustrated with ourselves because we feel like we're not growing. In fact, we often use our "blooms" or our environment to gauge how well or how quickly we are - especially when we're doing everything we're "supposed" to be doing.

But more often than not, growth is happening under the surface with no proof. The truth is, growth is inevitable - there is nothing we can do to stop it. It's the natural order of things.

The only thing is that us humans have gotten really good at slowing down growth with the systems and beliefs we've created from our desire to feel in control.

You don't have to force your growth. You can definitely be intentional about the direction you'd like to head into. I believe that that's the point of personal development. It's to have more choice in the direction and pace at which we grow. When that intention is supported by love and play, it actually speeds up the process to its natural pace.

Ironically, expanding our level of choice starts by releasing the need to control what growth looks like and how it's supposed to be. It's surrendering to your path and trusting that you are exactly at the stage of growth you're meant to be. It's continuing to water yourself, to nurture yourself, even when you have no flowers to appreciate - even when you see no beauty in yourself.

Unconditional love for yourself is accepting yourself even when you're not performing at your own expectations. And it's that openness to being curious about what the space you're in is here to teach you that allows you to continue to flow through your process and maybe even get "there" much more quickly.

What I'm celebrating this week:

  • Peace. With myself and my journey. I've been taking a lot of time to myself and slowing down to be with myself. I've noticed my heart opening and my capacity for compassion also opening more. I'm grateful because as I grow, I become a guide for you and for my clients so I'm really curious to see what transformations this new version of myself will co-create with my you guys.

  • One of my clients decided it was time to quit her job and fully pursue a career in the music industry - even with her legs quaking in fear. I'm super excited for her and can't wait to see what magic she finds on this path.

  • Another one of my clients. who started out not knowing what she wanted to do career-wise has decided to go all in on her coaching business and has created a signature program she is now excited to sell. Love her progress!

  • And another one of my clients stood her ground with one of her own clients, set some boundaries, and even raised her prices! Her client ended up signing a contract where she's paying my client 3X what she was paying her before as a result of this!

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