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Lack is a gift

I've spent this last week contemplating the experience of lack. How, often in our manifestation practice, we choose to manifest something new because we're experiencing lack. And we often grow impatient in our process because being in that experience is incredibly uncomfortable.

But what if embracing lack and leaning into it could accelerate the pace at which we manifest what we believe we're lacking?

Earlier this week, I came home after an amazing day and I realized that I felt lonely for the first time in years. I felt like I was lacking a partner to connect deeply with.

I decided to sit in that loneliness and that lack and explore it instead of running away from it (I could've called any of my current suitors but I saw this as an opportunity to create more intimacy with myself).

This thought experiment showed me that the lack of something teaches us to truly value what we desire when we manifest what we want. It also leads us down the path of understanding where we feel powerless within ourselves.

It shows us our strengths, our weaknesses, and what resources we do have that we can leverage to create the reality we desire. Lack also shows us the places we can align even further with the experience of what we want to manifest.

Often, when we feel the void of something, we seek to immediately fill it so that we can stop experiencing that discomfort. But what if before trying to fill it with something external (money, people, experiences), we got intimate with the void and studied it. What gifts would we find?

What does the lack you're currently experiencing have to teach you about yourself?

What I'm celebrating this week:

  • Happening upon a post a past client posted on my FB wall about how my coaching has influenced her life and business even years later. She turned her last $200 into $3,500 within DAYS of us working together. Check out what she had to say here.

  • One of my clients having a massive breakthrough about what she REALLY does which completely shifted her out of major imposter syndrome after just one 90 minute session. She's currently implementing all the insight she's gotten from that session so I'll let you know what magical results she creates as they come in!

  • Welcoming 4 beautiful new souls into The PlayHouse membership group and starting with their coaching!

  • Oh, and launching my first product: The Crackin' the Money Code Masterclass for those of you who feel like money is elusive and scarce :)

Wow, this week was amazing! What are you celebrating this week?

Want some personal guidance on accelerating your personal growth so you can manifest what you want more quickly and effectively?

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