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Outsourcing your power

Whew! This week has been an emotional doozy. I recently let go of a close friend/love interest who has not been treating me to the standard I want to be treated.

What made this especially hard is that he's not a bad person and he wasn't hurting me. But I was not experiencing what I want with him and I was waiting for him to show up differently so that I could finally feel good about myself and the relationship.

Something clicked on Monday and I decided to simply release him. While it's certainly been an emotional week, I feel at peace with my decision.

One thing I realized is that me waiting for him to show up in a specific way came from me outsourcing my own power to him. I wanted him to "meet my standards" when I wasn't even meeting my own.

See, standards and boundaries are an inside job. When we look outside of ourselves for people to meet them, or for permission for us to meet them, we place our power outside of ourselves.

I already knew this but sometimes, you have to learn a lesson again to remind yourself of these things.

This was ironically a big theme with my clients this week also - whether they were dealing with relationship things or money things. Often, we think if we could just fix this thing happening outside ourselves, we'd feel better on the inside.

What we don't realize is that often we outsource our wellbeing to something or someone outside ourselves because we don't have the courage to take the action we know will free us for good.

Whatever is causing you stress, while it may be painful, does not have to cause you suffering. Often, the suffering comes from the ways we outsource our own power - either because of the stories we tell ourselves or because we don't take full responsibility for our own experience.

And that's okay because that pain is there to remind you that your power is always within you and you can always choose to empower yourself whenever you're ready <3

What I'm celebrating this week:

  • The breakthrough I shared above. This experience also helped me shed a layer of abandonment wounds I didn't even realize was there - therefore bringing me closer to the ideal relationship I'm manifesting. I'm so excited!

  • One of my private clients creating a really intimate relationship with her ego and inner child, which has allowed her to go from unmotivated and stressed to empowered and playful in less than a week! See what she has to say in the video below

  • Another one of my newer clients manifesting some crazy shit including a paid speaking gig after we had our consultation call (we haven't started working together yet. I'm just celebrating her because I know this is something she REALLY wanted and I'm happy for her!)

  • The Gold tier members in The PlayHouse membership having our first coaching call and getting started on their own manifestation journey.

  • 40 new subscribers to the newsletter this week! Welcome, so happy to have you :)

Check out what my new client had to say about her experience working with me for the last week

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