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Pain is a portal

I've been contemplating a lot about the pain I've gone through recently and throughout my life. To be frank, I don't glamorize pain and don't believe pain makes you stronger.

Pain can in fact weaken you and if you come out stronger, it's because that strength was already within you.

And... I've been thinking about the pain I've gone through and how much we as humans try to avoid pain as much as possible. I realized that when I've lovingly leaned into pain in the present, it taught me new things about myself - things I didn't even know about. And through that pain, I found the most unimaginable pleasure!

When we're experiencing something painful, we often add to our suffering by wishing things were different and by trying to escape it.

I wonder... what would happen if we approached our pain with curiosity? What would it teach us about our lives, our purpose, our path, our patterns... ourselves?

And how could that improve how we approach painful circumstances in our careers, businesses, relationships, health, etc.? What could you create if you embraced the discomfort of pain, instead of doing what's natural and running away from it?

What I'm celebrating this week:

  • Hitting 10,000 followers on TikTok. I'm grateful for every single one of you and I'm so glad you're receiving so much value from the content I'm sharing!

  • I spoke to someone this week who implemented one of my TikToks and she manifested an opportunity to work with someone where she gets to do everything she loves to do and they're negotiating a salary of about $200k - $250k. This happened after one day of implementing what I shared and that story made my day!

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