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You choose your own timing

I was talking to my mentor earlier this week and was describing the space I'm in. I told her I feel like I'm going through a transition right now and everything feels like it's on pause. I trust that everything is going to work out eventually, but I don't know when and I have no control over the timing. The interesting part is, I had accepted that and was completely fine with the pace because I know I'm always supported, no matter what.

As I was saying this, I realized that I was heavily identifying with my Parent archetype (if you don't know what I'm talking about, I talked about the archetype in my webinar this week. Catch the replay here).

And then I remembered the main principle I teach. I create my own timing. Of course, there's nothing wrong with coasting and being fine with the pace you're at right now.

And if you'd prefer to speed things up a bit, you can! And it doesn't have to be through hustling and stressing yourself out.

The biggest misconception we fall into is believing that the way to accelerate growth (and time) is by working harder and faster.

You can smell the roses as you accelerate your path. Here's how:

1. Focus inward. Every circumstance (pleasurable or un-pleasurable) is here to teach you how to live in harmony with your true self. Get curious about what your circumstances are guiding you to learn about yourself, the world, life, others, or even what you're being guided to heal.

For example, right now, I'm learning to source my validation from myself so everything (and everyone) I've attached my sense of self-worth to is taking space from me. The more I embody this lesson, the more quickly I grow, and the more my manifestations will speed up. You're a magnet, if you find yourself repelling what you desire, that's something to take a closer look at.

2. Take aligned action. Of course, action is required to create the life you want. But 85% of the actions we take aren't actually aligning us to what we want. We often think the action we need to take is directly related to what we want and sometimes that's true. But other times, seemingly unrelated actions (often what we're avoiding) will get us much closer.

For example, one of my clients made her first $30,000 month in business by doing less work, spending more time with her kids, and healing her relationship with her husband.

The reason you haven't manifested what you want yet has nothing to do with the amount of work you've done. The more actions you take to align yourself with your true self, the more empowered you become. That power is what magnetizes everything you desire to you. That's what aligned action is, not simply doing what "feels good" to get what you want.

For example, implementing a feel good marketing strategy is great to help grow your business, but addressing your fears of intimacy and taking real action towards that in your personal relationship will get you further.

With that being said, what actions can you take this week to align yourself even more with your true self?

What I'm celebrating this week:

  • One of my clients in the PlayHouse Gold membership feeling completely aligned with herself and being in a space of pure creative potential. She feels so empowered and feels like she can do anything. This is the first sign someone's gotten on the accelerated path and I can't wait to see what magic she creates from this space.

  • A private client making a $3,500 sale two weeks after our first deep dive session. Ironically, she was going to charge this client $500. I challenged her to charge between $2,500 - $5,000. She felt most comfortable quoting the client $3,500 and the client said yes without hesitation. I'm proud of her ^.^

  • A PlayHouse Lite Client having major creative breakthroughs in her business. I did a live video in the group and gave her some advice which completely opened her creative channels. She's being flooded with ideas on how to grow her business even further and I'm so excited for her! I've added.a screenshot of what she shared below.

Want some personal guidance on accelerating your personal growth so you can manifest what you want more quickly and effectively?

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