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This class is for you if you feel like money is something that’s elusive to you. You don’t fully understand how it works, never seem to have enough of it, or it flows in inconsistently.


I’ve worked with countless clients who feel exactly the same way and we’ve created amazing results for them to change their experience with money.


For example, My client Marina felt like money was elusive. She would make other people a lot of money but couldn’t figure out how to do it for herself. Her highest month in business before we worked together was $4,500 and she inconsistently made $1k - $2k/month. 6 weeks into us working together,  that record was broken and it became $25,000. Even better, she continued to make $10k/month consistently 


Whether you’re a student, own a business, have a job, etc. the perspectives I’m about to teach you will alter the way you see money and if you implement the practices I share, you will start seeing an almost immediate shift in how you relate to money.


This is NOT a money mindset class. What you will learn here will show you how to start transforming your identity when it comes to money, which will allow you to experience dramatic changes more quickly. 


If you feel like you've got a lot of scarcity ar