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How to leverage play to accelerate your manifestation process.

3x - 5x your manifestation process and create a life full of harmony, abundance, and alignment

You'll learn how to manifest...

A business or career where you are highly valued and paid for your work

Amazing relationships with people who truly care about you and are actively invested in your growth

Your healthiest mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual form

... and much more

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Class Host: Samoa Blanchet

Founder.Thought Leader. Content Creator. Play Educator. Human.

My name is Samoa and I'm the joyful face behind The Powerhouse's Playground.


I started this journey by mistake - someone asked me to coach them. Three weeks later, she had turned a hobby into a business that brought in $30,000 and got one of her products featured in the largest subscription box in the industry. 

I got curious and started working with other visionaries to see what I could co-create with them. Fast-forward three years later, I've guided multiple clients through building multi-six figure businesses out of their wildest ideas, create more time freedom, enjoy highly pleasurable relationships with those in their lives and most importantly, completely fall in love with themselves and experiencing life as it's meant to be experienced: like a playground.

And now my mission is to teach as many people how to do the same. Whatever you desire for yourself, is already yours. I'm here to help ensure you enjoy the process of bringing it to life and even accelerate when you experience it.

Will you join me?

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