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Ready to go deeper?

So you're at a crossroads. You have big plans and a big vision for yourself and deep in your heart you know that you can make it happen. 

But you're dealing with a lot of obstacles like...

  • Self-doubt

  • Fear of disappointment/failure

  • Having trouble trusting the process

  • The "woo" stuff not working for you because you're either "too logical", neurodivergent, or y'know a marginalized person without certain privileges - or all of the above.

  • Your vision feeling too big and unrealistic

These obstacles may have left you feeling drained, burnt out, uninspired, and doubtful of what your next steps are.

Let's not get started on the past traumas that have kept you repeating cycles like you're on a merry-go-round of torture.

So, yes, you know your vision is inevitable but you're still stuck asking yourself "How do I get from here to there in a way that supports the person I want to become? PRONTO.


Know that saying "Time flies when you're having fun?". Well, it has logical merit.


When you're in a state of play you move through self-doubt, fear, and shame with much more ease --> this then makes it easier for you to problem solve and create a clear plan of action --> which allows you to create what you want with more certainty, ease, and support than when you're creating from a disregulated nervous state.

Which means you create what you want more quickly because you're not spending time and energy "fixing" yourself, your "procrastination" issues, or any obstacles/problems you're creating in your disregulated state. You move fluidly with intent and confidence, which allows you to seize and create opportunities as they come - therefore collapsing the time it would normally take you to manifest your dream life.

Oh, and of course, because you're having fun, time really does end up feeling like it's flying. It's like you blinked and you ended up in your dream house surrounded by the best people with the career you've always wanted.

But you've already tried that, and it hasn't worked, has it? You still come up against the same walls and you feel like everyone knows the magic words, except you.

At the risk of sounding like a fuckboy, that's cause you're different, babe. *Add cringey lip bite here*

But really, you likely think very differently for multitudes of reasons:

  • You are extremely logical so the "Just trust the universe and everything will workout" stuff doesn't really make sense to you. You need clear steps and breakdowns as to why you're doing something and you deserve to have them.

  • You have experienced a certain level of trauma that makes it harder to "freefall into Big Daddy Universe's lap" - some of it may even be religious trauma

  • You're not white. And if you are, you're disabled, queer, grew up poor, are a woman, or hold some other marginalized identity that makes it harder to believe that you are entitled to have whatever you want in this world if you just believe in yourself hard enough

  • You're neuro-divergent so you have your own sets of obstacles becuase your brain doesn't work the way neurotypical brains do

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Manifestation tips weren't made for you.

It wasn't made with you in mind. Well, until now. This, my friend, this is your playground.

You likely got here because you binge-watched my content and your mind was blown.


That's because I give manifestation guidance with your humanity in mind. Not some woo-woo head stuck in the sand crap designed to make you spend more and more money so you can keep thinking there's something wrong with you.

I like my people empowered around here!

The most bittersweet feeling is my clients telling me they don't need me anymore. It makes me ugly cry, but damn, I love hearing it!

I want you to embody the truth that your vision for yourself and for the world isn't too big, unrealistic, or inaccessible to you. That you have the power to create whatever experiences you want.


But I can't get you to do that point with some mirror affirmations and journaling. It takes DEEP coaching and REAL guidance, which is exactly what I'm here to give.

Why The Powerhouse's Playground?

There are three paths you can take...
The Manifester

You're not really sure what you want. You may have an idea about what you want your dream life to look like, but you don't have a career you're passionate about/are committed to pursuing.

Or maybe you do, but you want to dip your toe into this work first before diving all in.

The Creator

You want to build a thriving creative career to create your dream life. You're either already in it or are ready to transition into it. But you want guidance efficiently thrive in ALL aspects of your life and career and you're ready to dive headfirst into manifesting your dream lifestyle

The Revolutionary

You've been there, done that. You've built a successful career and you've already mastered creating the lifestyle you want.

Now, you're ready for a bigger game. You want to build something that'll create global impact for generations to come.

Coming Soon
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