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Here, is where every desire you added to your vision board comes true.

You're currently standing at the crossroads of a powerful transformation. Together, we'll unlock your FULL potential.



  • Effortlessly diversifying your revenue streams, securing high-paying deals, and cultivating strategic partnerships, to ensure long-term stability and prosperity in your career.

  • Your brand transcending borders, captivating audiences worldwide with its innovative offerings and unparalleled value, cementing your status as a global leader in your industry.

  • Striking the perfect balance between work and life, seamlessly integrating your ambitions with your passions, personal relationships, and self-care

  • Being an empowered, visionary leader who guides your team to greatness and fosters a culture of collaboration, creativity, and excellence that everyone envies

  • Everything you do creating a ripple effect that leaves an induspitable mark on the world, enriches communities, fosters connections, and leaves a legacy of purpose-driven success that echoes far beyond the confines of your business.​

And all of this happening in the next year.

This is what I've facilitated for countless artists, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs who started right where you are! Is it your turn?

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Your Unique Path Awaits!

Choose your absolutely favorite way to grow

Catalyze Your
Career Momentum

Feeling stuck?

Book a Momentum Activation.  You'll receive personalized coaching that addresses your specific challenges and helps illuminate paths forward in your career or personal projects.


I'll show you how to tap into your inner wisdom, so  you make decisions that are both effective and efficient for your unique circumstances.

You'll also receive two weeks of email support after our session. 


Whether you're navigating complex decisions, seeking clarity on your next steps, or looking to unleash your full potential, this session is designed to catalyze your next breakthrough

Breakthrough Your Current Plateau

Looking to make a significant leap forward in your business and personal growth journey?


If you're longing to master key aspects of your creative career, such as consistently closing high-paying contracts or embracing a fulfilling life beyond work, then the Momentum Accelerator is the perfect solution for you.


In this 6-week VIP intensive, we'll focus exclusively on the transformation you desire most, diving deep into strategies and techniques tailored to your unique goals.

Let's go all in on one aspect of your creative career and completely transform your life!

Master Acceleration
+ Thrive

Looking to experience the ultimate in personalized support and guidance on your journey to success?


Kinetic, my exclusive private coaching program is designed for those who crave the VIP treatment and are committed to achieving their fullest potential.


With one-on-one guidance tailored specifically to your unique goals and challenges, you'll receive focused attention and customized strategies to propel your creative business forward.


Whether you're aiming to cultivate work-life balance, or scale your business to new heights, Kinetic offers the depth you need to thrive. 

You'll get the holistic guidance you need to complete the full transformation and master accelerating your growth.

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