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Hey Lovely!

So you're here because you're ready to create the life of your dreams right now. Life is short and you don't see a reason why you have to wait to bring your visions for yourself alive. 


You're also a personal development junkie. You know that when you focus on your own growth, everything you touch turns into gold. It's inevitable, really.

And yes, you want an abundance of success, money, love, accolades, relationships, etc. but none of it matters to you if you lose your sanity in the process. So the journey for you is just as important as the destination. You want what you want NOW, but you want to have fun, be stress-free, PLAY. All the way to the magic.

Welcome to your playground.

I created The Powerhouse's Playground to bring the powerful results I've co-created with my private clients to the world. My clients have done amazing things like 5X their income, heal breast masses, completely transform their relationships with their kids, partners, clients, and employees, I could go on, really - in a matter of months. 

And now, it's your turn. I've decided to share everything I've learned (and am still learning) about accelerating one's growth to create a magical life you're excited to live.

Here are just a few of the amazing results I've had the privilege of co-creating with some amazing humans...

What makes this work different?

Well, for one, it's Play ;)

I don't subscribe to a specific teaching or perspective and I don't push a specific system or modality down my student's throats. I got where I am today by marching to the beat of my own drum and making my own rules.

And that's what I'll be teaching you to do. There is no set of "right" rules to manifest, to heal, or to live. Yes, there are tried and tested methods to consider, but if they don't work for you, we can figure out what does. 

My mind is constantly pushing the threshold of what we've been taught is the "right" way to do things. I don't only question the traditional teachings, but also the untraditional ones. That means even the "new age" advice we're getting because I've noticed that a lot of it come from the same systems that don't work for us - that are meant to oppress us. It's just rebranded in a way that makes it more palatable - aka a prettier cage. 


Most people in the personal development space are regurgitating what they've learned from their teachers. There's nothing wrong with that because that works for a lot of people! But for people like me, it doesn't. Even when you learn all the spiritual stuff, heal tons of stuff, and get some degree of freedom, you still feel trapped by it. 

If you're the kind of person who wants to live a life of complete freedom, who wants to figure out what works best for YOU, then you'll love what I teach. You know what true freedom feels like and you're on a quest to experience it fully. I'm right there with you and I'm happy to share what I've learned with you. 

Ready to find out what kind of magic your accelerated growth will allow you to experience? Here are the options to work with me:


Questions? Comments? Sassy Remarks?

Let's chat! Send me an e-mail at or book an Intro Call with me below if you want more info on your options :)

If you're unsure about working with me, simply scroll through my TikTok @samoa_a . If what I share resonates with you, you'll feel a lot better about making your decision then.