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A world of wonderful possibilities awaits you!

Imagine a career that not only fulfills your dreams but stands as an unwavering pillar of stability and reliability. You get to wake up every morning to work that fuels you without the constant stress of whether or not you'll meet your goals this month draining you.


I know you've poured your heart into your business, and while the journey has been meaningful, the results do not match your effort or expectations.


 You know you have the potential, the drive, and the goals, but something is just not clicking for you! (and you've spent countless sleepless nights trying to figure out what it is and how to get around it)


What if I told you there's a way to bridge that gap, to transform all that abstract potential into tangible success? Together, we'll find the answers that will not only make your business sustainable but elevate it to new heights. (without going bald from burnout and stress)


Let's sculpt a reality where your dreams thrive, your work energizes you, and your business becomes the dependable force you've always envisioned! 

I know that your situation isn't so hot right now...

In fact, I know because I was you, and I've guided many like you through this transformation.


It's so frustrating to be stuck in the shadows, watching as your dreams hover just out of reach. You've worked tirelessly, pouring your heart and soul into your work, but lately, it feels like you're trudging through quicksand.


The spark that once ignited your creativity now flickers with uncertainty. You're navigating the complexities of business growth, juggling your responsibilities, and grappling with a relentless fear of stagnation.


Everyone else seems to move with the grace of dancers while you're left grappling with clunky, outdated strategies. It feels like you're trying to conduct an orchestra without the right notes, and you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes even question if you're crazy to have even started down this path


You crave the thrill of consistently achieving your goals and feeling forward momentum in your career. But right now, it feels like you're lost in the dark, searching for a way out...

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You've tried EVERYTHING...

Each brilliant visionary I got to work with was exactly where you're at now: tirelessly rearranging puzzle pieces, hoping that the next strategy would unlock the success they envisioned.


You've navigated a labyrinth of growth strategies, tried to "trust The Universe/God" and be patient, and even attempted to implement your well-meaning friends' and family members' advice. And still... nothing... zip... nada. 

And it's getting damn hard to be patient when you're watching everyone else sail by smoothly when you're still dealing with the same BS.


You're exhausted, disheartened, and feel like you're stuck in a never-ending loop, unable to break free. And you're not alone.

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Shanna Sokolosky

4x her monthly income in her photography biz and upgraded her clientele in just 90 days

"You've empowered me to be a leader in my industry and inspired me to take bold leaps! I now feel confident and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way. 

 Your guidance is a total game-changer and it literally feels like I have a genie in my pocket!" 

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Ashli Ferguson

went from too drained to serve her existing clients to doubling her prices and attracting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in 6 months

Your coaching is mind-blowing, Samoa. Seriously!!! You made me feel like I could do anything from day one and look what we've already accomplished together! Your belief in me was infectious and I can't wait to see where Exhibit B is going to be after this"

Divneet Kaur

replaced her 9-5 income with two new contracts in her new business 6 months after quitting her job

"Thank you thank you thank you so much, I cannot stop smiling from ear to ear and I KNOW this and so many other great things that have been happening is all because of my new self and I LOVE HER. I do things and take steps I never would have before. I can’t even explain the feeling, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about haha it's magic!”

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You need more power.

Successful businesses aren't only built by strategies and numbers; they're built by empowered CEOs.


The missing link that's been holding you back from achieving remarkable success isn't a lack of knowledge or effort – it's your connection to your own power.


It's like having a sports car with a full tank of gas but never pressing the pedal. Your creativity, your personal strength, your leadership potential – they're all engines waiting to roar to life. Think of our work together as the key to start that engine.

Right now, you're outside the car, pushing it through, trying to get to the finish line. When we work together in Kinetic, my signature program, you won't just be in control, but in command, charting a course for your business with confidence and poise.

We'll address all the hidden leaks draining you of your energy and you and your career will transform before your eyes. I know you're curious to find out how we're going to do that. So let's chat and I'll show you!

  • What happens after I join?
    Once you've purchased your plan, you'll be redirected to our community website to create your account and download the app. Once you've joined, you'll get further directions on how to get started and dive into the resources! If you joined a tier that allows you to book a session, you'll receive the link to book your first one via email.
  • How often are the workshops and live sessions held?
    The workshops are held once a quarter. live Q+As are held at least three times/month. Group coaching calls are held once a month. You can join live or catch the replay and add your questions even if you can't make it live to ensure it's answered for the live Q+A's. The two hour mastermind coaching calls are held once a month with a max of 12 attendees. The Think Tanks can be held anytime and as many times as members would like
  • What if I have more questions or need assistance?
    Feel free to reach out to me at with any inquiries, concerns, or requests for assistance. I'm here to ensure you have a fulfilling experience within The PlaySchool community.
  • How do a-la-carte coaching sessions work?
    As a member, you have the option to book private coaching sessions with me whenever you'd like. These sessions are designed to provide personalized guidance, address specific challenges, and accelerate your growth. One session with me can catalyze several months of growth for you and people have created awe-inspiring transformations after them. (Somebody went from $1k months in her business to $10k months two months after one 60-minute conversation with me) There are usually 5-10 sessions available each month and you can book either 30 minute, or 90 minute sessions. Investment for the calls: 30-minute clarity calls: $250 90-minute deep-dive calls: $600
  • What are Think Tanks?
    Think Tanks are interactive sessions where members can co-work, collaborate, brainstorm, and work together on challenges, ideas, and creative solutions, fostering a sense of community and shared growth. You, or any member can schedule them in the community and invite others to join.
  • Do you offer payment plans or financing?
    Payment Plans: I offer payment plans for all of my programs. If you need one for The PlaySchool that's not included on the website, let me know and we'll create a custom one for you! Email me at Financing: Financing is also available for US residents and citizens to make your payment plan even lower (I've seen them go as low as $100/month). You need to make at least twice the amount you're applying for per year and a 500 credit score. It takes just a few minutes to see if you qualify and it doesn't affect your score. If you're interested in a PlaySchool tier and want to see if you qualify, click here. If you decide to apply for financing for less than the investment for the year and want to pay in full for that time, contact me at once you get approved and I'll send you an invoice instead. For example, if you get approved for 6 months of the Gold Tier coaching, let me know and I'll send you the invoice to pay in full for the next 6 months :)
  • Will my membership automatically renew?
    Yes, memberships are set to automatically renew at the end of the 12-month period. You will receive an email reminder before the renewal date.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel your membership at any time by accessing your account on our website. Just make sure to do it before your next renewal date to avoid being charged.
  • How long does my membership last?
    Your membership is valid for 12 consecutive months from your chosen start date. You'll have access to the community and its resources throughout this period. If you're on a monthly plan, your membership is valid for those twelve months contingent on you making your payments on time.
  • What happens if I join in the middle of a month?
    Your membership will be valid for a full 12 months from your start date, regardless of the specific day you join.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We do not provide refunds for your membership. If you paid for the year, you will have access to the community for 12 consecutive months. If you pay monthly, you'll have access to the membership for the entire month until your next payment is due. Cancelling after your payment has been processed does not guarantee you a refund so make sure you cancel before your next charge date.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership tier?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership tier at any time. Simply contact our support team, and we'll guide you through the process.
  • Is there a grace period for failed payments?
    You have a three-day grace period after your renewal date to update your payment information. If payment is not successfully processed within this period, your access to the community will be revoked until you make your payment.
  • How long do I need to commit to coaching to see a transformation?
    Growth isn't linear and everyone has different goals and needs. I require a minimum of a 6-month commitment to ensure the transformation takes root, but recommend committing for at least 1 year to ensure a complete transformation. Clients usually start seeing significant tangible results about 3-6 months into coaching, but I've also had clients see tangible results within weeks of starting! If you're not ready for the commitment, check out The Playschool, you can sign up for the bronze plan and cancel when you're satisfied with your growth without issue.
  • I've tried self-help and coaching before, and it didn't work. What makes this different?
    I completely get why you're hesitating, and many of my clients have tried self-help and coaching in the past with mixed results. The key difference I've found in my process is that I'm not attached to it. I'm constantly tweaking it and expanding what I know to fit the client in front of me. So if something isn't working for you, we work together to find what does. This creates a customized approach that is focused on your continued growth and when you do the work that is aligned, you'll see the results in real life. So, while you may not have gotten the results you hoped for, if this feels aligned for you, I invite you to be open to what's possible now. We'll work together to uncover your true potential and empower you to create the lasting change you want 😊
  • I don't own a business, can you still help me?
    Kinetic is best for people who have launched a business, are artists, or are already in their dream long-term career. If that's not you, The PlaySchool would be best for you. It's for you if you dream of launching your own business or are still trying to figure out your path. Book a consult and we'll talk about what's the best fit for you!
  • I've been stuck in this situation for so long; I don't know if anything can truly help me break free.
    I hear you, and it's completely natural to feel that way when you've been stuck in a situation for a while. It's like you're treading water in a big, deep river with strong currents. Breaking free can seem tough because those currents have been pulling you along. But the good news is that rivers can change course. With the right tools and guidance, you can build a new path. Plus, you'll have a skilled navigator by your side, showing you where to step on the riverbank to start making changes. We'll work together to understand those patterns and find ways to redirect your flow towards a brighter future. Your past experiences don't have to define your future. Change is possible, and I'm here to help you find that new path. 🌊🚣‍♂️✨
  • I'm afraid I don't have the time to commit to a coaching program. My schedule is already too packed.
    I understand that life can get really busy, and finding time for coaching might seem tough. But think of it like this: coaching is like a tool that actually helps you manage your time better and make your life less hectic. When we work together, we'll create a plan that fits into your schedule. It's not about adding more stuff to your plate; it's about helping you work smarter, not harder. I've worked with many busy clients who have found that prioritizing their personal growth has given them back so much time, energy, and wealth.
  • Coaching might work for others, but I'm a unique case. My problems are too complex.
    Complex, unique cases are my favorite! It's like a puzzle we get to solve together. During our consultation, we'll dive into the specifics of your challenges. I'll carefully listen to your needs and concerns, and we can assess together if my coaching process is the right fit for you. If, after our discussion, we decide that there might be more suitable resources or approaches for your particular situation, I'll be honest and transparent about it. My goal is to ensure you receive the support that best aligns with your needs and helps you overcome any complexity you're facing. Your success and satisfaction are my top priorities. 😊🔍🤝
  • What is the investment for working with you? Do you offer payment plans or financing?
    Kinetic is a $30,000/year investment ($3,000/month). That includes everything you need to achieve your career goals delivered through the following: Two 90-minute deep-dive private coaching calls/month Unlimited text + voice coaching during business hours Custom worksheets, journaling assignments + homework to make sure the transformation takes root Access to The Playschool membership for additional content and optional community support If this isn't in your budget, I have other options we can discuss during our call that range from $300/month to $1,500/month :) Payment Plans: I offer payment plans for all of my programs. We can discuss a payment plan that works for you during our consult. Kinetic comes with a $3,000/month payment plan. Financing: Financing is also available for US residents and citizens to make your payment plan even lower (I've seen them go as low as $250/month). You need to make at least twice the amount you're applying for per year and a 500 credit score. It takes just a few minutes to see if you qualify and it doesn't affect your score. You can see if you're pre-approved by clicking here!
  • What if I invest in one of your programs and still don't see results?
    I totally understand your concerns about investing in my programs. It's natural to want to see results for your time and money. I've designed these programs with a track record of success and I've helped many people like you achieve their goals and transform their lives. Think of it like planting a garden. You invest time and effort into planting seeds, and while it may take a little time, with care and nurturing, those seeds grow into beautiful flowers. I'll be here to provide the guidance, tools, and support you need to nurture your growth. I also encourage you to approach any investment with a sense of alignment and confidence in your choice. Take a moment to check in with your feelings. If you're feeling nervous but also really excited, that's a sign that you're on the verge of something great! Kinetic is then the catalyst for the positive changes you want. However, if you're feeling frantic or like everything is riding on this one investment, I suggest you take a step back until you can make your decision with a calm and clear mind. It's so important to invest in yourself when you're feeling grounded and confident in your choice. Your journey towards your goals should be an empowering experience! 🌟💫
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It's time to stop dreaming about your potential and start living it.

That dream you have of thriving in your career and living your best life with unlimited adventure and confidence is yours to have! You simply have to make the choices that help you align with it.

The future of your vision depends on the action you take today. If you've made it this far down, it's clear that you're intrigued, wondering if Kinetic can really help you.

Book a consult with me and find out!

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