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A world of wonderful possibilities awaits you!

Imagine a business that not only fulfills you but stands as an unwavering pillar of stability and reliability. You get to wake up every morning to work that fuels you without the constant stress of running your business overwhelming you.


I know you've poured your heart into your business, and while the journey has been meaningful, the results do not match your effort or expectations.


 You know there's a way for you to have it all, but something is just not clicking for you! (and you've spent countless sleepless nights trying to figure out what it is and how to get around it)


What if I told you there's a way to bridge that gap, to have a thriving business where you're also thriving. Together, we'll find the answers that will not only elevate your business to new heights but free up the space for you to enjoy your life. (without going bald from burnout and stress)


Let's sculpt a reality where you're thriving and fulfilled, your work energizes you, and you actually have the time and space to enjoy the fruits of your labor with those you love.

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I know that your situation isn't so hot right now...

In fact, I know because I was you, and I've guided countless other creatives through this transformation.


You're a creative powerhouse, pouring your heart and soul into your work day in and day out. Yet, despite your passion and dedication, you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of running your business, managing your family, and trying to carve out time for yourself. 


You're stuck in a relentless cycle of juggling responsibilities, feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up with no end in sight..

And while your business may be making good money, you're trapped in a never-ending cycle of work, feeling like you're married to your laptop with no escape in sight.


Even worse, the once vibrant spark of inspiration now flickers with uncertainty, leaving you questioning whether the way you've been going at it is sustainable.  Every attempt to achieve your goals is met with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, leaving you questioning yourself every step of the way.


You know deep down that you're capable of taking your business to new heights, expanding beyond your niche market and establishing yourself as a global brand. But grappling with fierce competition, market saturation, and scalability issues makes it feel like an almost impossible feat. 


You're already hustling so hard that you don't have the extra time and energy to even imagine how to make it happen.

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You've tried EVERYTHING...

From time management techniques to productivity apps, to self-help books to meditation retreats.


Each brilliant creative I got to work with was exactly where you're at now: tirelessly rearranging puzzle pieces, hoping that the next  strategy would provide some relief.


Still, despite your efforts, you find yourself wrestling with overwhelming stress, time constraints, and the ever-present guilt of not being able to do it all.


Sometimes you wonder if you're even capable of achieving your dreams, if the sacrifices you're making are worth it, and if you'll ever find the elusive balance between your professional ambitions and personal fulfillment.


You're starting to feel disheartened, and are scared of losing sight of what truly matters amidst the chaos of your daily grind.

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Shanna Sokolosky

4x her monthly income in her photography biz and upgraded her clientele in just 90 days

"You've empowered me to be a leader in my industry and inspired me to take bold leaps! I now feel confident and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way. 

 Your guidance is a total game-changer and it literally feels like I have a genie in my pocket!" 

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Ashli Ferguson

went from too drained to serve her existing clients to doubling her prices and attracting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in 6 months

Your coaching is mind-blowing, Samoa. Seriously!!! You made me feel like I could do anything from day one and look what we've already accomplished together! Your belief in me was infectious and I can't wait to see where Exhibit B is going to be after this"

Divneet Kaur

replaced her 9-5 income with two new contracts in her new business 6 months after quitting her job

"Thank you thank you thank you so much, I cannot stop smiling from ear to ear and I KNOW this and so many other great things that have been happening is all because of my new self and I LOVE HER. I do things and take steps I never would have before. I can’t even explain the feeling, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about haha it's magic!”

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Welcome to Kinetic.

Lucky for you, you've landed on this page at precisely the right moment.

Sustainable, thriving businesses aren't only built by hustling harder or sacrificing more; they're built by empowered CEOs who have fully integrated their Creative Consciousness.

The missing link hasn't been the latest productivity hack or time management technique. It's your ability to tap into your innate creativity, intuition, and resilience—qualities that have been lying dormant within you, waiting to be unleashed.

Right now, you're juggling a dozen responsibilities, spinning plates, and trying to keep up with the frenzied pace of your business. But imagine if instead of struggling to stay afloat, you could glide effortlessly through each day, with clarity, purpose, and unwavering confidence.

Thriving Woman_edited.png

In Kinetic, you'll harness the full power of your Creative Consciousness, aligning your vision, values, and actions to accelerate your growth.

You'll learn to achieve your goals with ease, not force.

Together, we'll dismantle any obstacles impeding your business's efficient growth, overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and unlock your true potential as a visionary leader and CEO.

Kinetic Transformations + Milestones

Maya M. Musician

  • Pretty successful in her musical career, but knew she was capable of much more. Was also dealing with major inconsistencies in revenue.

  • Went from charging and receiving $500/gig to $8,000+ per gig

  • Doubled her revenue and increased her profits

  • The opportunity to play at SXSW (largest festival in the world) fell in her lap "out of nowhere"

  • Set the goal to headline a tour with a big musician and also created that opportunity with ease shortly after our contract ended

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It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed and reclaim your time and energy.

That dream you have of a thriving, sustainable creative business is yours to have! You simply have to make the choices that help you align with it.

The future of your vision depends on the action you take today. If you've made it this far down without applying, it's clear you're at least curious, wondering if Kinetic can really help you.

Book a no-pressure consult with me and find out!

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