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  • Increased Revenue

  • Increased Visibility

  • Increased Time Freedom

Background: Ari is a toy designer who specializes in Christian Children’s toys. She was doing well when we met but she knew that she could create even more success with her toy line - she just wasn’t really sure what else she could do. 


She had a new toy line she was working on and she enlisted me to help her with its launch. 

Result: With my help, Ari made her projected revenue for the year for her business in 3 weeks from launch sales of that one toy line.


Here’s how we orchestrated it.


Many people think that when I work with people I tell them which strategies to use, they do it, and then magic happens.


In reality, my clients have all the right strategies at their disposal and strategy is never why they aren’t maximizing their potential. 


My job is to find ways they’re constricting their creative flow and creative thinking (their play) because that’s the path to accelerating and amplifying one’s results.


Our minds are really good at building boxes for us to play inside - no matter how creative we are.


In Ari’s case, this showed up as her executing marketing strategies based on what she was told she should use for her industry.


And they were working, of course - but not as well as they could be.


So, I challenged her to think about her product differently. To see its value from a broad perspective and to think about the individuals she was looking to impact.


How would playing with her toys impact these children’s lives now? What about 10 years from now? 50?


What kind of adults would these kids grow up to be after being influenced by the toys she made?


Ironically, going so far into the future allowed Ari to access a higher sense of urgency. She needed to get her toys in these kids’ hands NOW because she accessed a deeper understanding of how much of a difference playing with these toys would make in their lives.


I then challenged Ari to think beyond traditional marketing tactics and instead focus on how to get her product in as many people’s hands as possible right now.


We brainstormed together and I kept pointing out walls she was putting up in terms of what she believed was possible for her right now. Once all the walls were successfully vanquished, Ari had a brilliant idea.


She decided that she would contact the largest subscription box company in her industry and see if they wanted to have her product in their upcoming launch. They made an order for 10,000 units and put Ari’s company on the map.


My clients are badass enough to create amazing opportunities for themselves on their own. I simply nudge them down the path that’ll allow them to access the best opportunities right now with as little effort as possible  - rather than later on down the line with more energy, money, and time expended.

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